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About Us

“Who’s to blame when parties really get out of hand?
Who’s to blame when they get poorly planned?”

The B-52s, Party Out of Bounds

Not only do we share these concerns with the World’s Greatest Party Band, but we also share their hometown!

Based in Athens, Georgia, we live, work and play in the mecca of indie music, backyard theme parties, kitschy fashion, and DIY fun. 

Drawing from a lavish team of experienced experts, Tiki Flamingo is the culmination of years of experience in backyard entertaining, front porch concerts, eclectic dinner parties, costume-making, yard games, backyard firepits, and party decorating. 

If there is one truth in the world, it is this: You can’t blame an Athenian for a poorly planned party!

We also have expertise in lots of other larger home projects like creating fun interior spaces; sourcing eclectic, artsy decor; molding tired backyards into awesome entertaining spots; and even finding the coolest in vintage clothes and housewares. Audacious style on the cheap is our forte!

So grab your pink flamingo and join the tiki party, and let us help you make entertaining at home fun again!!

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